FUSE Productions, a community-based professional theatre company in State College, PA has announced that it’s entire 2020-21 season will be produced virtually. We’ve been one of the pioneers in producing exciting virtual musical theatre that makes as much of the show live as possible. In June, our educational arm, Singing Onstage, produced the first virtual production of Sondheim and Lapine’s Into the Woods where 75% of the show was live and only 25% taped and edited. 

We are seeking auditions via video submissions for the following upcoming shows*.  




GOLDEN BOY has several roles for Black actors, including an ensemble with several children but we are casting BIPOC actors for any/all roles in the other shows.

*Submissions may be considered for other shows not yet announced. 

Please submit a video of no more than 2 minutes in length that includes a musical theatre song that you feel confident performing  and shows off the strengths of your voice. Your video should ALSO include a short monologue from a play, musical, or screenplay. Neither the song nor the monologue need be from our season, but you are welcome to do material from the season. Send video and resume to noting which show(s) you are auditioning for.

Click the toggles below to see the character breakdowns.

GOLDEN BOY- 1964 musical based on the play by Clifford Odets. Book by Clifford Odets & William Gibson, Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Lee Adams

All Roles Available (A few AEA Guest Artist contracts available)

This show will be produced virtually so all actors will remain in their home location and participate via Zoom. Approximately 75% of the show will be LIVE during the performances. Musical numbers involving multiple performers will be filmed, edited, and blended with the live scenes during the livestream of the show.

Rehearsals begin on or about September 7 and there will be two virtual performances on October 16th and 17th.

Black Actors:

Joe – originally played by Sammy Davis Jr. Superb baritone singer and actor with an excellent physique. Joe is an excellent up-and-coming boxer. The script says he is 135 pounds, but that can be changed. 

Eddie Satin – A loan shark. Comes to Harlem to collect payments but doesn’t live there. Wealthy and knows it. Elegantly dressed. Terrific bari-tenor voice and has two big numbers: “This Is The Life” and “While the City Sleeps.”

Ronnie– Joe’s brother in law. Requires a strong comedian and a nice baritone voice. He’s the lead in the big first act production number “Don’t Forget 127th Street.”

Wellington – Joe’s father. 60-70 years-old. He questions Joe’s desire to box but becomes supportive.

Anna– Joe’s sister.  Early 20s. 

Frank – Joe’s brother. An activist.

Black Ensemble – Seeking:

3-4 men and 3-4 women

2 of the men play boxers in the opening and in a sequence called “The Tour.”

 3 10-15 year-old girls

 2 10 year-old boys (unchanged voices). One of the boys (TERRY) sings a duet with Joe called “Gimme Some.” (This song will be filmed and edited and not performed live.)

The black ensemble has two big numbers, both of which will be filmed and edited.

Hispanic Actor:

Lopez – A boxer who fights Joe for the championship. Excellent physique, a lightweight- approximately 135 pounds. Appears shirtless during the final fight. Appears in one other scene. No lines. 

White Actors:

Lorna Moon – Joe’s love interest. She works for and is having an affair with  Joe’s manager, Tom Moody. Lorna is biting, sarcastic. But Joe breaks through the tough exterior. She is about 30, give or take, but has seen a lot. She must be a fantastic singer – belter, but only up to a C5.

Tom Moody – Joe’s manager. Frustrated, not doing well financially. In an unhappy marriage and having an affair with Lorna. Nice baritone voice, but only sings one number.

Roxy Gottlieb – Joe’s other manager. Not the brightest bulb in the pack.

Tokio – A trainor. Works with Joe, works for Tom and Roxy. 

3 White Punks – These jerks commit a racial attack on Joe because he is with a white woman. 18-22 years old. One of these men will play the Conductor in “The Tour.”

3 White Ensemble Women – Appearing in “The Tour” and “While the City Sleeps” both of which will be filmed and edited and not performed live during the livestream. But they will appear live in a couple of scenes.

THE FOX SISTERS – Based on a true story. Music by Anthony De Angelis, Lyrics by Christyn Budzyna, Book by Jessica Penzias. The show takes place in upstate New York around 1848. We are casting for an initial virtual reading of the show. Rehearsals will begin on or around November 1st and the reading will happen on or around November 20th.

CAST- All must be excellent actors and singers. Seeking actors of all colors.

Katie Fox – 11 years-old. Optimistic but sickly. Excellent singer.

Maggie Fox – 14 years-old. More realistic. Excellent singer.

(These actors will almost certainly be older but be able to play younger.)

Leah Fox– mid-30s. The much-older sister of Katie and Maggie, who sees the commercial potential of her sisters’ spiritualism. She becomes their manager.

Mrs. Fox/Clergywoman/Woman 2/Spirit 3 – mid-30s-mid-40s. Frustrated and frightened mother. Also takes on other roles as noted.

Elisha Kane/Townsman – Elisha is Maggie’s love interest and offers to take her away from the scam. He sings a beautiful duet with Maggie. This actor is in the ensemble as well.

Mr. Fox/Committee Member 1/Man 1 – The girls’ father and other smaller roles as noted.

Mary Redfield/Woman 1/Reporter 1/Lily – A variety of ensemble roles.

Charles Redfield/Host/Man 2 – A variety of ensemble roles.

Hannah Duesler/Reporter 2/Alice/Spirit 4– A variety of ensemble roles.

William Duesler/Committee Member 2 – A variety of ensemble roles.

THE WIZARD OF OZ – With Music and Lyrics of the MGM motion picture score by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg. Book Adaptation by John Kane, from the motion picture screenplay.

This show will be performed virtually (mostly live with some big musical numbers filmed and edited) on June 18th and 19th, 2021. Rehearsals will begin on or about May 17th.

NOTE: Kids interested in being a Munchkin (or any of the specific Munchkin roles) should send a video singing any song they know! No monologue necessary!

Seeking all roles, actors of color sought for any/all roles:

Dorothy Gale – 14-18 years old. Sweet, strong and a superb voice.

Aunt Em/Glinda – A versatile actor able to play both roles. We may also have the roles played by separate actors. 

Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard

Zeke/Cowardly Lion



Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch

Professor Marvel/The Wizard of Oz

Munchkins – A ensemble of 20 kids of all ages (but mostly short kids!) from which we will cast:




3 City Fathers

3 Tough Guys



2 School Teachers

3 Tots

Adult Ensemble of 6 men and 6 women, playing:

Poppies and Snowmen

Ozians: Beauticians, Polishers, Manicurists

2 Oz Men

2 Oz Women


Winkie General

Nikko (Commander of the monkeys)

Jitterbug (Lead Dancer)

Jitterbugs and Ghosts