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“Dreams Don’t Die” Project

Perhaps the main theme of Stephen Sondheim’s MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG, the next main stage show in our season, is to not let go of your dreams and passions. The show traces, in reverse order, how a successful songwriting  team is torn apart as the composer compromises his talents and ideals to “get ahead.” Chasing happiness through riches and fame leaves him an empty shell of his former self. Time itself is a major “character” in the show, and Sondheim weaves in the idea of the ‘ticking clock” throughout.


The title song of the show contains these lyrics:

‘’Dreams don’t die,
So keep an eye on your dream.
And before you know where you are,
There you are.
Time goes by
And hopes go dry,
But you still can try for your dream.”

In the spirit of the truism that “dreams don’t die,” FUSE is seeking people of all ages that would be willing to share the stories of pursuing their dreams. What are your dreams? How are you chasing them? What are some of the bumps in the road? Have your dreams changed? What successes have you achieved? 

We want to hear from you!
Send us an essay of no more than 500 words answering the questions above to info@fuseproductions.org. Attached or within the email.

We may be interested in sharing your essay, or parts of it. And we may ask if you would be willing to do a video interview. 

“Dream’s Don’t Die” Videos

Our “Dreams Don’t Die” Project begins with Juniper Village resident Finch Vandivier. From wanting to be Wonder Woman at age 4, to flying planes, to publishing her first book at 82, Finch’s story is an inspiration.

The third installment of our “Dreams Don’t Die” Project is an interview with Martha Traverse. She achieved her dream of being on Broadway, but then circumstances changed. Listen to her inspiring story.

New year, new interview in our “Dreams Don’t Die” Project!
Here’s Rachel Freenock in a beautifully honest discussion of how her dreams changed.

MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG centers on the relationship of three best friends. Madeline Biever is playing one of those friends, author Mary Flynn. Mary friendship with Franklin Shepard, the central character, is complicated by the fact that she is in love with him and the feelings aren’t returned. Madeline has been around musical theatre her entire life and has appeared in many FUSE shows, including PARADE, LES MISÉRABLES, and ASSASSINS.

Leah Mueller, who plays Beth in the show, was born and raised in the State College area. She was one of the first Singing Onstage students in middle and high school, studied theatre at Penn State and in London, and is now the music teacher and drama director at the Delta Program.

In the second interview of our “Dreams Don’t Die” Project, we talk with Rachel Kaneshiki, an undergrad student at Penn State. Rachel played “Joan” in our recent production of FUN HOME.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” – the beginning of dreams. Enjoy these amazing children as they answer this question in the next installment of our “Dreams Don’t Die” Project.

Next up in our “Dreams Don’t Die” Project- Here’s Tammy Miller, a long-time State College resident, auctioneer, public speaker, and someone who gives back to our community.

MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG centers on the relationship of three best friends. James McCready is playing one of those friends, Charley Kringas. We met James when he auditioned for our very first production of SCROOGE! in 2012. Since then he has appeared in dozens of shows, including 4000 MILES, ASSASSINS, CAMELOT, and PARADE. He is also a vital part of the FUSE team as our webmaster and co-box office manager.

Tyler Sperrazza plays Franklin Shepard in our producton of MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG. He also played Booth in ASSASSINS and Cliff in CABARET. Tyler is also the resident lighting designer for FUSE, lighting every show since A CHORUS LINE.