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FUSE Studio Shows – General Information

FUSE Productions is thrilled to announce a new series of shows designed to develop early-career directors, music directors, choreographers, stage managers, and designers. We’re calling them FUSE Studio Shows.

Here’s the idea: Directors submit a written proposal for a show (play or musical) they would like to direct. The show will be performed in our Singing Onstage studio space. Rehearsal spaces will be TBD. FUSE will cover the licensing fees for the show and offer a small total budget of no more than $200. This means everyone connected with the show must work for free. Costumes, sets, props will all be at the absolute minimum and there is no lighting, other than on and off.

If the work is a musical, the orchestration is limited to 3-4 maximum musicians as there is no sound reinforcement in the studio. And space is at a premium.

PLEASE NOTE: The proposal should be no more than 5 pages in length, include the title of the proposed show, a paragraph discussing the theme of the show and why you want to do it, the number of cast members required, proposed instrumentation, other staffing needs (i.e. choreographer, musical director, etc.), a preliminary rehearsal schedule, and any other ideas you’d like to share.

The number of performances will depend on the popularity of the title, but generally will be no more than four, with approximately 50 seats available at each performance.

Each studio show will be overseen by FUSE Artistic Director Richard Biever.

If you are a musical director, choreographer, stage manager, or a designer and would be interested in these projects, contact us and we’ll introduce you to the directors.

FUSE Studio Shows present the opportunity to focus on the text of the piece and translate that text into a living, breathing work of art. Our hope is to give opportunities to those that might not otherwise have an opportunity and to create future directors, music directors, choreographers, stage managers, and designers. The studio shows will also give local actors more opportunities to perform.

Directors must be at least 18 years-old to submit a proposal. If you are interested in directing but don’t have a particular show in mind, forward a letter of interest.

Send proposals and letters of interest via email to

Contact us at the same email for any questions you may have.