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The days leading up to the completion of his most famous painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat is struggling to make meaningful art and maintaining a relationship with his lover, Dot. Amid the scorn of the artistic community, Seurat’s artistic ability thrives while his love diminishes. A century later, Seurat’s descendant – named George and also an artist – finds himself burnt out and in search of what artistic path to follow, but he finds the answer to his future in the past.

Production Team

Director: Richard Biever

Music Director: Alex Shields

Stage Manager: Gail McCormick

Assistant Stage Manager: Rachel Charney

Scenic Designer: Lino Toyos

Lighting Designer: Tyler Sperrazza

Sound Designer: Michael Blake

Projections Design: Andrew Haag

Carpenter/Painter: William Snyder III


Georges/George: J.D. Daw
Dot/Marie: Leah Mueller
Old Lady/Blair: Martha Traverse
Nurse/Mrs./Harriet: Abbie Jensen
Jules/Bob Greenburg: Norman Spivey
Yvonne/Naomi Eisen: Joyce Robinson
Boatman/Charles Redmond: John Nichici
Celeste #1/Waitress: Bethanie Louise

Celeste #2/Elaine: Michaela Rae Martz
Louise: Avalina Brannen
Franz/Dennis: James J Ruth
Frieda/Betty: Sarah Rito
Soldier/Alex: Jackson Pavlik
Mr./Lee Randolph: Jeff Buterbaugh
Louis/Billy Webster: Connor Henderson
Woman/Photographer: Susan Burlingame

Venue: Schwab Auditorium

Schwab Auditorium is located on Pollack Road behind Old Main on campus.

Parking Recommendations

We recommend parking downtown in one of the garages. From there it’s a short walk, using the footpath directly across from the Corner Room.

People can be dropped off near the auditorium on Pollack and the cars parked at the Hub parking deck.