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Book of FUSE Photos!

“In the middle of a pandemic, it’s nice to be able to put together this incredible 78-page book of photos from eight (8!) seasons of FUSE shows! Somehow photographer Will Yurman was able to capture amazing moments from each show during a dress rehearsal! These are not staged for the camera.

Theatre by its nature is ephemeral but with these amazing photos, we can hold onto the memories of the production.
We’re asking $60 for the book, which will help out both Will and FUSE, and is essentially the cost of two tickets (or less!) to one of our shows.

To order, Paypal us at ($60) and once we receive 25 orders we’ll order the books and get them to you. (If you prefer not to use Paypal, email us at the same address and we’ll arrange another way!)
Thank you!